For all the great tru events that occur across the world, #truLondon remains the spiritual home of the most unique recruiting conference in the industry. Taking place at The King's Head - a private members club / taxidermy exhibition - 100+ recruiters came together to talk sourcing hacks. Here's what we came up with!

21 hacks25 March 2017

  1. Indeed Free CV Search

    Indeed might have the largest repository of work related data on the planet. And you can search their entire database, for free.

  2. Givehub.io

    Free search tool to find any Github user. Super useful for any tech recruiter, courtesy of the one of the best tech recruiters, Aaron Lintz.

  3. LinkedIn Groups Unique ID

    Hack LinkedIn Groups search by tracking the unique ID of the group, and then pipe it into a site.com search on Google. Every member record is a webpage, something that is crawled by a search engine, so something that can be found by a diligent recruiter!

  4. Intelligence Search Chrome Plugin

    Search Facebook with filters on job title, company, location and much more, with this amazing chrome extension from Shane McCusker. Rumour has it, Facebook's own recruiters use it, so there's absolutely no excuse for you not to.

  5. ContactOut

    Email remains the best way to conduct first contact for the hard-to-hire. So you can never have enough tools which can extract emails from digital profiles. Lot of people have been talking about ContactOut, so here it is - give it a shot!

  6. Hunter

    There's going to be run of them now. Check out Hunter, another recently released email finder on the Chrome store

  7. Screencap Youtube How-to's

    A good recruiter knows that all information is useful information, especially those that are unintentionally exposed by your prospect. How about paying close attention to the open browser tabs of a youtubers how-to videos? Find out what tools s/he is actually using, rather than the one s/he is telling you about.

  8. Google Reverse Image Search For Engagement

    It's important recruiting information to understand where your prospect digitally hangs out. It could be critical to generating the engagement that is so hard to solicit. Try Google reverse image search on their profile photo and find out more about what this person cares about and that may be the hook that gets him to talk

  9. Google Plus

    Remember Google Plus? Chances are you don't but you still are likely to have a profile. It was mandatory to upgrade to this for all gmail users before the product was quietly killed. Those profiles are still up there in internet, waiting to be found by a recruiter smart enough to realise they never really went away

  10. IFTTT

    An efficient recruiter is a good recruiter. IFTTT is an amazing service which allows users to hook together different apps to make your life easier. Want to automagically build a list of developer candidates? IFTTT a twitter location + keyword search and hook it up to Google sheets.

  11. x.ai

    Scheduling is the hidden horror of the recruiting workflow. So much time is wasted doing this! Why not get some help in the form of x.ia, an AI assistant who can simply make scheduling go away

  12. Youcanbook.me

    Slightly more humane, but still a similar idea - get efficient by getting the other person to book the meeting. Youcanbookme is a great tool - as is Calend.ly

  13. Thunderclap

    Sometimes you just need to amplify a message. Thunderclap is your social media rentacrowd service. Great to getting more traffic / eyeballs to whatever digital place you have in mind.

  14. Name Search for Diversity

    Simple ideas are always the best! If you are hiring for gender diversity, why not just search for information you know is segmented by gender - like first names. Create a mega boolean search string of female names and bang it into any search that supports an 'OR' command and voila!

  15. WhatsApp Asynchronous Video

    Phone calls are unwelcome, emails never get read. What about something that might be inbetween? WhatsApps asynchronous video function allows the sending of video messages without demanding real time attention / interaction from the receiver. I speak to me mother like this - it's better, believe!

  16. Instagram Location ID

    So it turns out Instagram location ID's ....are exactly the same as the corresponding Facebook location ID. Perfect then, for sourcing people you know are in a particular place, like a co-working space, or perhaps a competitor HQ...

  17. Prophet Chrome Extension

    Prophet is a social aggregator which provides enriched candidate data via a sidebar slide out. Download on Chrome stores, free to use

  18. FindMyEngineer

    Recruiting site for software developers, crawling Github by the looks of it.

  19. DevScanner

    Search for over 1 million Github profiles with this free search tool. Unlock extendable free trial by simply inviting your contacts to check it out.

  20. X-Ray Github for 'joined on'

    This hack may now be patched by Github, but the philosophy is sound. Every web page is still mainly a textual document, which can therefore be found through textual searching.

  21. Skype Search

    I'm betting no one thinks about searching Skype for candidates. You might want to think again, especially as Skype is a product that has been built by engineers who of course will have needed a test account of their own when building it.


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