#truLondon returns for a second helping of great tracks and great conversation.

17 hacks08 September 2016

  1. ClarkeAI

    Tired of note taking during your telephone screen? Plug in Clarke AI - a personal assistant who dials into the call and takes the notes for you!

  2. GoodWin

    Not clear on the role you're recruiting for? Educate yourself with GoodWin app, a fantastic resource for delivering just the right amount of information you need to get started on the search

  3. TextMechanic

    A recruiter's go to for data manipulation. If you know what CONCATENATE is, you probably want to be aware of this website!

  4. StackShare

    Cool website with crowdsourced content on the tech stacks used by some of the leading businesses in the world. Also an awesome site for identify source sites for tech candidates

  5. TechStacks

    More on crowdsourced technology stacks. Similar value prop to StackShare.io - great for market intelligence, good for identifying source sites for candidates

  6. RocketReach

    We can never have enough contact information finders. RocketReach looks like the next generation Mailtester, combined with a social aggregator.

  7. GitHub X-Ray Custom Search Engine

    Custom GitHub Search Engine. Built by Irina Shamaeva. More or less all you need to know.

  8. Tech Britain

    Self updating map of the UK tech eco-system. One of these days someone will make a map interface recruiters can actually use - maybe this is the one

  9. Auto-Text Expander

    Recruiters write a lot of email. A lot of this email is conveys the same message. This chrome extension store email templates which are then activated through hot keys configured by you. Productivity at its finest!

  10. Automated LinkedIn Visits

    Sign in with LinkedIn and set this guy off to visit the profiles you've specified - whilst you're away doing something else!

  11. ClearBit Connect

    Find the emails of anyone with this Gmail plugin - free to use, with a monthly throttle.

  12. YouCanBookMe

    Scheduling is one of the hidden tasks of recruitment that is often entirely unaccounted for - and it takes a lot of time! Get the other person to do the work with his meeting scheduler

  13. Calend.ly

    Never send a booking email again with Calend.ly - a great service that integrates with your calendar and invites the candidate to schedule in a time which works for both of you

  14. Respondable

    Boomerang's new feature is an AI assistant which helps you write better email

  15. Source for Mispellings

    Counter intuitive piece of sourcing wisdom from the legendary Glen Cathey. People very frequently make mistakes on their social profiles or CV's - deliberating searching for common mistakes can generate fresh candidates who might never have been contacted by recruiters who were searching using correctly spelled search terms!

  16. Europass

    Increase the accuracy of your European recruiting by using one extra one word - 'europass'. An early attempt to standardised the CV across Europe, europass is an under utilised search term which almost always generates HCI - human capital information

  17. DevScanner.com

    People aggregator targeted at software engineers. Full access to 500,000 records entirely for free if you share it!


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