The #trutrain journeyed out to Delhi for the start of the lightning 2 stop tour of India, home to some of the most innovative and fastest growing technology firms on the planet!

20 hacks30 August 2016

  1. HubSpot

    Improve your engagement by tracking when someone opens your email. Formerly SideKick, this free-to-use chrome extension is now part of the HubSpot family, free to use but with monthly rate limit

  2. GitHub

    The world's leading open source code collaboration platform - think version control for software. Millions of developers are on it - and if you're serious tech recruiting - you should be too.

  3. DevScanner

    Search over 500,000 developer profiles - entirely for free! Incredibly simple, cost free people aggregator. Sign in with Google and invite contacts for free usage

  4. Stack Overflow Careers

    One of the worlds most popular websites, Stackoverflow is a gated community for Software Developers, who ask and answer questions on code. Now also a recruiting platform with database search and ad listings services available for purchase.

  5. Google Groups

    One of the first online communities in the Google Universe, and still the most durable. Rarely used as a sourcing site by recruiters - unusually for an open platform - so the conversation is still dominated by the people it was designed for - developers!

  6. Prophet

    Popular chrome extension that pulls and aggregates social profile data. Replaces the functionality of Rapportive. Free to use

  7. beamery

    Next generation ATS / CRM hybrid. Source, engage and manage - all on the same platform.

  8. Belong

    Over the past decade, social aggregators have been a largest threat to traditional database products. Belong is a popular paid for people aggregator from India

  9. Conspire

    The path to the best candidate is often through the people you know. Plug your social networks into Conspire, and the service will show you how best to get there with through a visualisation of your network.

  10. IntelligenceSoftware Facebook Search

    Chrome Extension built by the one and only Shane McCusker - plug it in and search the worlds biggest social network - Facebook - for free!

  11. Google Custom Search Engine

    Did you know you can create customer search engines from Google? Especially useful for people who regularly conduct similar searches - that'll be us, recruiters!

  12. Recruitin

    The name is the giveaway with this cool service which layers a search interface on top some of the largest social networks on the planet. Think X-ray search, without the site.com command!

  13. Hiretual

    This is a chrome extension which can be used to source talent on various social platforms

  14. CharlieApp

    Integrates with Google Calendar to automatically send you a report summary on the person you’re about to meet.

  15. Lusha

    Uncover contact information from Linkedin with this Chrome extension. Install, refresh and look at a Linkedin profile. Simples

  16. IFTTT - automate twitter sourcing

    The site connects to various platforms like Twitter, Facebook and 350 more services by creating 'recipe's. One classic sourcing recipe is automated twitter sourcing - create and save a persistent search on twitter and connect to Google Sheets. Your spreadsheet will autopopulate with people who tweet using the terms you're searching for

  17. Interview As Market Intelligence

    Some of the best hacks are lo-fi. When you interview only to assess candidate suitability, you are missing an outstanding opportunity to capture other types of information which might make the difference in your sourcing efforts. Get educated on the job function, technology, main players in the market, the sources of knowledge in that community. This is Interview as a source of Market Intelligence!

  18. Angel List

    The leading networking site for investors, founders, and Startup product makers. Set up a company profile and you can search for people and/or post listings for jobs. Free to use

  19. Mailtester

    Email verification tool. Type in the email you think is right, and mailtester will ping the server for you and check whether it is

  20. Followerwonk

    Twitter is a goldmine that is hard to get value from! Followerwonk comes to the rescue with a simple service which searches Twitter Bio's, rather than twitter tweets!


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