The #truTrain continues to Cape Town, where we connect with recruiters from takealot.com, Media24, Naspers, Capitec and many others of the best companies in South Africa. The prevalence of lo-fi hacks sent a signal - there's folk wisdom in recruiting that we all too often forget in favour of the latest shiny tool!

18 hacks23 September 2016

  1. Related Search

    Hiring for tough roles can hit a dead end real quick. Switch to searching for related roles in the same department - expand your knowledge of the market, get a deeper understanding of the role and - find people who know the people you're looking for

  2. Ritualise the Retro

    Do regular retrospectives with your hiring managers. Review the progress, discuss the challenges and confirm the calls to action to get better the following week. Tech managers know the value of retro's - they've been running them themselves. It's about time recruiters need to learn it too.

  3. Internal Before External

    Recruitment feels like an external activity - go out, post job ads, source candidates, call people! However, the most important conversations are often the ones you have inside the company when the job is first created. Connect with your hiring managers / existing team, before you go out and source - they have the bigger network, the better knowledge. They will show you the quickest route to the candidate you need to hire - look there first!

  4. Goodwin API

    Check this cool free resource out for quick learning about the jobs you know nothing about. A vital - and totally under utilised - resource for recruiters

  5. Built It Before You Need It

    Recruiting classic but worth repeating again. Build your network before you need it. It's easier to connect with people when they know you are not coming with a short term agenda - and it's something recruiters have to do by default!

  6. SocialTalent

    Our buddies at Socialtalent get a shout out - not only the best sourcing training house on the planet, but also bunch free tools that any recruiter can use, for the price of an email subscription.

  7. Marketing As Storytelling

    We all know Job Ads are droll; we often don't ask why. In Cape Town, we talked about the power of narrative - of telling a story that resonates with the audience - something we need to do with Job Ad copy, rather than writing another bullet 'with 5 years experience in...'

  8. Get The Deal Breakers Up Front

    Capturing a requirement is more than just taking down notes from the hiring manager; you got to know what is going to trigger the 'Yes' and 'No' decision. Use dummy data to test this out before you got and source

  9. Create Your Own Candidate Taxonomy

    Data collection is useless unless you can retrieve it. As recruiters, we are experts at data capture, but not quite as good at organising a system for retrieval. Label & categorise your candidates - doesn't matter what system - so long as you know where to go when you need it

  10. The Value of Old Data

    Focusing on 'active' candidates means fishing from the same pond as everyone else. Project the career progression of old candidate data can reveal candidates who no one else is speaking to which means fishing from a new pond you've created for yourself!

  11. Rotating Mandate for Recruitment Agencies

    Increase performance by reducing the risk for the recruitment agencies who are supplying to you. A rotating mandate is an exclusive agreement with 2 recruitment suppliers, who each have a timed period as exclusive supplier, which then rotates to the second supplier at pre-arranged time. Help your suppliers make the placement - they'll work harder for you.

  12. RocketReach

    More email lookup goodness.

  13. Iterative vs Waterfall

    We still capture requirements don't we? Why do we work in the Waterfall method in tech hiring when the tech world has moved to iterative processes? Go with loose requirements, test with dummy data, and iterate on the specification with the hiring managers before you go out to source.

  14. Increase Email Opens By Personalising Subject Line

    50% open rate is achieved through putting the recipient name into the subject line. Your marketing needs to start at the inbox, not just in the body of the copy

  15. Use the '*' or 'wild card' operator in Google Search

    Google search is deceptively sophisticated! Understand the search operators available in the world's largest search engine will go a long way to making you a better recruiter than your peers. Don't just rely on 'Job title'+ 'Location'!

  16. X-Ray Search LinkedIn from Google

    Don't have an expensive LinkedIn recruiter license? You might not need one if you try to 'X-ray' the data from a search engine. Our buddy Shane McCusker (actually based in South Africa!) provides a great 5 minute video how-to.

  17. Connectifier

    Surely one of the most popular recruitment intelligence apps there's been since Rapportive, Connectifier is a freemium product which helps users get enriched data from the candidate profiles they are viewing.

  18. Prophet

    More recruitment intelligence. Freemium tool which aggregates social data and presents enriched data (plus contact info) on the candidates you're viewing


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