#truBerlin 2017

We're back in our favourite city of 2017, with 'Sourcing Hacks'! Amazing event organised by Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen, #truBerlin saw a packed house coming together and sharing what they know about sourcing.

18 hacks09 December 2017

  1. ResearchGate

    As Data Science becomes the most sort after specialist, so it makes sense to go to where scientists tend together. Where better for than a German based social network for researchers?

  2. LinkedIn Search for Incomplete profiles

    Most important thing in sourcing is to do what others are not; searching for incomplete profiles is a surefire way to connect with candidates other recruiters are ignoring. A variant of the Glen Cathey technique of searching for common errors in personal profiles. Works everywhere, but perhaps best on a place like LinkedIn

  3. Talk To Silver Medalists First

    We don't do much with the candidates who didn't get the job. And yet they have already progressed far down our recruiting process. Why not call them all first before you go external again? Simple best practice, we never usually practice

  4. Delegate The Outreach

    Does identity of the sender have an impact on response rates? It probably does, so why not delegate this to other stakeholders in the recruitment process?The recruiter role changes to being an organiser of recruiting capacity rather than just the person doing the 'recruiting'

  5. LinkedIn Interests X-Reference MeetUp

    There's a ton of data recruiters don't usually use; on LinkedIn, why focus only on job title / skills / experience? Have a look further down the profile for hobbies and interests and X-reference on MeetUp to identify others of like mind!

  6. ProductHunt

    ProductHunt has become the de facto place for technical people to launch products. Where better to identify the type of 'entrepreneurial' developer so beloved by Startup CEO's?

  7. BetaList

    Same shizzle as ProductHunt - most developers / product makers likely release on Beta List also. Two reasons for recruiters to care: a) find some cool new sourcing tools and b) find the people who can make these cool tools.

  8. Search Bankruptcy Registers

    Declaring bankruptcy is usually a matter for the public record. It's essentially an immutable and ever increasing database of people who have the entrepreneurial instinct. A fantastic publicly available source, rarely used by recruiters for sourcing!

  9. Introductions vs Outreach

    In an ever connected digital world, the chances are that the person you want to reach out to is connected in some way to a person you already know. For medium to large size company, the overall organisation network value is likely to be enough to recruit all the people you ever need. Find the common connect before sending the mail merge

  10. Conspire

    You can use this handy tool to quickly find out whether those connections exist. Simply plug in your social networks and push play - the relationship connections between you and your target instantly reveal themselves.

  11. Signal That You've Read The Profile

    The key point to trigger a response is to first signal that you've read the profile. This doesn't mean a long message, it just means that you have to say something which signal that you've done your research.

  12. 'Interested' data on Facebook Events

    Every event organiser launches on Eventbrite, MeetUp AND Facebook Events. The interested list stays live forever, so you have a handy list of wannabe attendees who you can X-reference and message on another platform.

  13. Reciprocate the Value

    As a recruiters, we have unique opportunities to help those in need. Make time to provide value for candidates to better encourage them to return the favour

  14. Get Developer Interviews Out of the Office

    Interviews are high stress situations where neither interviewer nor interviewee usually enjoys. Improve the chances of a positive conversation by relocating the interview to a neutral location or '3rd space'

  15. Track Non-linear Career Paths

    The talent shortage may be in part because of our preconceived notions about career trajectory. Look for non-linear career paths to identify candidates other recruiters are going to miss

  16. Hold Sourcing Parties

    Create the conditions which encourage your internal stakeholders to support the recruiting effort. An email shout out for referrals is not going to work - you need to set up a meeting or 'sourcing party' to get the most value from the business you're recruiting for

  17. Provide Y/N on Follow Up Messages

    Improve response rates by setting the choice architecture. Follow ups need to give clear choices on how the receiver can best respond. A simple Y/N (make buttons if the email if you can) will boost response rates.

  18. Followers / Stars

    There is a form of social validation on Github, mainly number of repo's, number of followers, number of stars. Crude perhaps, but certainly no worse than the marketing documents like CV's


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