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21 hacks23 February 2017

  1. Sortd

    Reinvent email UI with this cool gmail plugin - transform a super long list of messages into a kanban board you can actually use. Awesome productivity hack on communication channel which is in desperate need of reinvention

  2. Crystal Knows

    Write better email with Crystal Knows! We all know that engagement is currently the big challenge in recruitment and this interesting plug in recommends a writing style that suits the recipient. Does it work - who knows? But it makes you feel better about pressing 'send'

  3. Career plan transparency

    When presenting a job, recruiters default to selling a permanent commitment which does not map to the reality of work. Why not be transparent about future employees future exit? It might make closing the offer easier to have a new conversation earlier

  4. Chapterships

    And here's the book on it. Lets hire people for 'Chapterships' not for jobs and have a plan to move them on baked into the hiring plan

  5. Viasto

    Asynchronous video interviewing - get rid of the first stage interview, save the candidate time and make it super efficient to review cultural fit.

  6. Reward with Reject

    Rejection emails are boring, unhelpful and nihilistic! We accept nothing more can be done with the unlucky candidate. Can we not convert this person into an advocate if we offered some reward in the rejection? How about a subscription to a jobs newsletter so the candidate can keep up to date on future opportunities?

  7. Alumni for Referrals

    Why do we forget about our employees as soon as they leave the business? Alumni are an untapped resource for community building, job distribution and referrals. We need to maintain the relationship

  8. Discoverly

    It turns out that what we need is another chrome plugin which aggregates social profile data. Magical once, the ubiquity of these tools is testament to their persistent value.

  9. 360Social

    Yah, more chrome plugins which enrich candidate data with social profile information. Can the CV be any more dead?

  10. Hiretual

    If there is one recruiting chrome plugin to rule them all, this is probably it.

  11. ProductHunt

    A product release site that contains all kinds of goodies for recruiters. Never miss another social aggregating plugin again, with this service. Also, don't forget every maker is likely to be a software developer or a product manager, so some sourcing potential too

  12. Grammarly

    Never underestimate the impact of great copy. This chrome plugin (you might be getting the hint that you should really be using chrome...) checks your grammar and offers suggestions as you type.

  13. Auto Text Expander

    Tired of re-writing the same email copy over and over again? Kill the repetition by using Auto Text expander to create, save and deploy templates on keyboard shortcuts

  14. Regional Ads At Moms

    Sometimes the best hacks use old technology in new ways. How about using adverts targeted at the relatives of the people you really want to hire? Great experiment being conducted by Zalando on regional newspapers in Dortumd!

  15. Government Unemployment Agencies

    Apparently German citizens must register with this government agency when they become unemployed. These agencies have the most up-to-date primary data on candidate availability. Yet recruiters routinely ignore this channel. Time for a rethink?

  16. Intelligent Search

    Big Shane McCusker gets a massive shout out for this super chrome plugin which significantly simplifies Facebook search interface. If you ever struggle to accurately find or filter candidates on Facebook, this chrome plugin is a must have!

  17. .patch Github url hack

    How to find a hidden email from a Github profile? Click on a public repo created by the developer you are interested in and modify at the url bar by simply adding ".patch" to the end of the url and then refresh the browser. Voila!

  18. Internal Before External

    Recruiting seems like an outbound activity. But the most important conversations are often the ones you have inside the building, with your colleagues in the departments you are recruiting for. It is essential to deepen your understanding of the existing team before you attempt to add to it!

  19. Tech Cannot Replace The Call

    It is easy to get distracted by cool tools. We should not forget that the primary and irreplaceable value of a recruiter is provide a human connection. Recruiters need to understand when the moment is right to put away the tools and engage!

  20. Negotiate, Always

    Rate card is for everyone else. You should always negotiate on price when thinking about buying a tool or a service. A 'no' will not set you further back and a 'yes' will immediately save you money

  21. Siftery

    And to help with your negotiations, here is a price comparison service for recruitment and productivity tech!


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