Off to Bengaluru, one of the major technology hubs in India. Packed out event at Leela Palace Hotel ensured a lot of great hacks sourced!

17 hacks02 September 2016

  1. EmailHunter

    Email verification service. Type in the email you think is right, and emailhunter will test it for you before you send! Similar to Mailtester.com with better UI

  2. SocialGeek

    All in one Chrome Extension - produced by one of the tru delegates themselves! Take a bow Praveen Kothapalli!

  3. BangaloreJS

    Localised talent community for JS devs based in Bengaluru!

  4. TwitterArchiver

    Google Sheets Addons is a growing marketplace of cool apps. TwitterArchiver is a great example of how it can be turned to sourcing - automate your sourcing by connecting twitter and archiving the results

  5. Google Reverse Image Search

    For then you have the profile photo but not the bio. Upload the photo into GRIS and search for other places where the image is used - likely the other social network profiles of the same person

  6. Youtube Message / Comments

    Remember when Google forced everyone to set up a google account to use Youtube? It means Youtube becomes a sourcing site and a messaging platform.

  7. Slack

    Slack is the one technology that may be getting talent communities right. Here's a list of Slack groups you might want to join

  8. Meetup.com

    Offline for the online - great source site as groups tend to form around interests. Even better, set up one yourself and have candidates come to you!

  9. OutwitHub

    Classic web scraping service - pull information from websites and download to a format usable to for recruiting

  10. Import.io

    Next generation web scraper, with coolerl interface, designed for non-technical users. So, ideal for tech recruiters!

  11. LinkedIn Company Page Followers

    Don't forget the people who already love your brand - anyone who follows your company page can be contacted through the admin of the LinkedIn Company Page dashboard - they should be!

  12. Connect with your internal tech team

    The hiring team has a stronger network than you do - so connect with them before you go all out and source!

  13. Lead with your Product

    How many big brands do not leverage their current user base for recruiting? Your customers can be candidates, just as easily as candidates can become customers. Chances are you have the talent pool already - in your user database!

  14. Making Referrals Work: Introductions vs Recommendations

    Why do referral programmes fail? Because we do not clearly distinguish between an introduction and a recommendation. One is easy to give, the other very challenging to do so. A recruiter can increase referrals simply by making clear that the responsibility for quality control lies with the business and not the referrer!

  15. TalentCircle

    Seems to be a social network for creatives

  16. Quick failing / LEAN methods!

    Recruiting is still stuck in Waterfall method! Quick failing means rapid learning - early CV's, early feedback, frequent iterations and touch points with the customer. Increase your chances of hiring by getting the hirers closer to the process.

  17. Blur personal vs professional

    Binary distinctions between the personal and the professional are gone. Leverage your personal network as well as your professional one when sourcing


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